All appliances New and pre-owned/reconditioned sold by KJ BRANDS, LLC comes automatically with 90 Days Warranty, unless stated otherwise.

What does the "90 DAYS" Warranty cover?

  • Parts
  • Labor
Note: If merchandise fails within 90 Days, we will service at no extra cost to you the customer.

When Does the Warranty Coverage Start?

Warranty is active as soon as the product is purchased.

Some Limitation of Warranty

Please note that some Products are sold in an "As Is" fashion, generally when extensive tests of nonstandard elements are a time constraint. What this means is that the product is priced very low because it performs the main basic intended functions, however, please note that coverage on some functions such as accessory/cosmetic elements are not guaranteed (I.e. Water Dispensers/Ice Making Elements on Refrigerators). Should a malfunction of such elements occur after purchase, the customer could request for repair, sometimes at his/her own expense.
Warranty does not cover Damages/Malfunction as a result Customer’s Mishandling, Electrical Surge, Natural Disasters (flooding, Fires, Freezing, etc…) and other occurrences determined by KJ BRANDS as reasonable cause to void the warranty.


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