Delivery Services

The following delivery information and services applies to the product you're purchasing from KJ BRANDS, LLC. We offer two types of delivery service option.

Option A: Your purchased merchandise will be taken from our store to your home or business in a desired location as previously arranged upon purchase.

Option B: Your purchase merchandise will be taken from our store to the door steps or driveway of your home or business. From that point you will be responsible for moving the delivered item(s) into your home or business.

Deliverable Items

We believe all items sold in our store can be delivered, so as long as an agreement is reached with our staff about your purchased item.

Delivery Rate(s)

You will be charged only once per trip regardless of the number of items purchased for delivery, as agreed with our Staff. For this rule to apply, all items must be on the same order, scheduled to be delivered to a single address, on the same date. Under normal circumstances, delivery rate does not include installation/setup rate.

Haul-Away Rates

KJ BRANDS can haul away the items you're replacing free of Charge. Please note the following restrictions that apply to Haul Away processing:
  • Item requested for haul away limited to similar appliance types.
  • Commercial grade appliances haul away available on limited Pre-approved Basis.
  • Haul away is not available for installed appliances.
  • Item for haul away must be ready for pick up at the time of delivery.
    • This applies to delivery option A and B. If you selected a Delivery Option B, the Haul Away item(s) must be present at the said Option B location or else you may be charged an additional fee for in home/Business recovery.



  • If your home or business doesn't have the proper gas, electrical or water supply lines and shut-off valves required for installation and/or removal, you can contact a local contractor to make necessary repairs/installation prior to delivery.
  • Accessories (i.e. Hoses) needed to connect appliances to utilities must be purchased/available or Delivery will be unable to connect the appliance.
  • Customers must have appliances designated as “Haul-Away” emptied and ready to go for our Delivery Team.

Customer Responsibility

  • For home deliveries a responsible adult, 18 years or older, must be present during delivery.
  • Secure all household pets in a separate area from the delivery path
  • If merchandise is to be left on the porch, garage or outside, a responsible neighbor or representative must be present to sign for delivery upon arrival of our Delivery Team.
  • In inclement weather, please make sure there is a clear path from the street to the residence entrance (no ice, snow, debris, etc.)

Under normal Circumstances the Delivery Teams will:

  • Connect delivered appliances to existing utilities by utilizing the connector lines that the manufacturer supplies, that we provides to our Delivery Teams, or use your supplied parts or accessories that are new, meet Manufacturer requirements and meet our Product Specific Delivery Guidelines.
  • Remove one like item from the delivery premises or relocate one like item to an accessible location on the delivery premises for each new item delivered.
  • Remove packing materials from the delivery premises.
  • On rare occasions need to use the Customers phone during or after delivery to place a call to the delivery office.
  • Determine the parts/accessories needed to safely connect appliances to home utilities and offer to sell any needed parts, accessories or installation services not purchased at the time of the appliance sale.

Delivery Teams will NOT:

  • Remove their shoes, but will work with high regards for the safety and cleanliness of your home/business and merchandise.
  • Perform carpentry, electrical or plumbing work.
  • Utilize customer supplied connectors unless the supplied parts or accessories are new, meet Manufacturer requirements and meet our Product Specific Delivery Guidelines.
  • Reconnect relocated appliances elsewhere at the customer premises.
  • Relocate used appliances to a different address.
  • Lift/hoist over banisters or other obstructions, or through windows to complete delivery of merchandise.
  • Install and hook-up a free standing or slide-in range without installing a range anti-tip device.


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