Appliance Repair / Service

At KJ Brands we are fully aware that products engineered to provide service to humanity are not perfect and that from time to time they will breakdown. Whether, if the product failure is a result of improper operation/handling, by systemic mechanical failure, or by general wear and tear, "We are here to help!"

Make An Appointment!

For our Appliance repair services, contact us at +1.860.348.3206 to make an appointment to have our technician(s) visit you for an IN-HOME/ON-SITE Business Repair. Also, you may contact us to schedule an appointment to drop off your Appliance at our store or warehouse site for Rush Repairs.

After You Have Made an Appointment:

Our Technician(s) will come to your home, or place of business to perform repair diagnosis and provide you with a quote for repair cost. Upon receipt of the quote, the customer may decline and pay a very competitive diagnostic fee or simply proceed with agreed cost and service.

Our repair expertise includes but not limited to:
Refrigerators, Freezers, Dishwasher, Ranges/Stoves, Washing Machines, Dryers, Laundry Centers, Cooktops, Air Conditioners, various commercial appliances, and many others…



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